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“Upompe” has adopts the manufacturing concept of outsourcing to the experts of manufacturing who have know-how knowledge that met our required standard of qualities. We believe outsourcing is both cost control effective and price competitive. In return, this will benefit the customers.
Over the years, the brand name “Upompe” has proven to be one of the most trusted and reliable trademark in fluids pumping. Our line of extensive products include water transfer, mining applications, waste water transfer, process control, palm oil industries, solar cell industries to semi conductors industries.
Today, we have appointed OEM manufacturers located in Italy, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia and India to manufacture our high qualities and cost effective products to different targeted market. Our products have warranty period of 18 months for manufacturing defects and workmanship but excludes wear and tear, misapplications and wrong installations. Please refer to local agent for more details.
“Upompe” pumps, a brand name reputable with qualities products are in-compliance with ISO 2858, ISO 24255, ISO 5199, DIN and ANSI standard pumps.
Our quality slogan: Class A Qualities with Class C costing and selling prices.
 “Upompe” is here to perform!
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